The Legend of the French Hermit

A former barber and oysterman takes up residence on Deer Island and becomes a local legend

Biloxi has never had a shortage of colorful characters. Colorful characters are part of what makes Biloxi charming and memorable. Jean Guilhot, “The Hermit of Deer Island” was well known to Biloxi residents and tourists. There are many stories about the hermit and as many of them are untrue as are true. He was from France and was a barber. After moving around the states, he ended up on Deer Island in the 1920s where

he farmed oysters and sold them to Biloxi residents. Thus, the perfect name for French Hermit Oyster Co.

Those that knew Jean Guilhot, said that in good company he could be gregarious and witty. He would row out to the Sailfish tour boat that brought his groceries and the newspaper and serenade the tourists with French folk songs.