The Oysters

A quick rundown on the bi-valves that have a hold on our hearts (and our taste buds)

Oysters are amazing. They benefit the environment and their taste is unique to the home waters where they are grown. At French Hermit Oyster Co. we promote sustainable farming practices. Mississippi off-bottom oyster farmers work with scientists from University of Southern Mississippi and 

Auburn University and scientific and regulatory organizations like Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant and Mississippi Department of Marine Resources to gather information and collaborate to help responsibly grow the Mississippi shellfish farming industry. 

Farming Together

The farmers of French Hermit pull together so we all move forward.

Most farmers are separated by thousands of acres and different crops. Deer Island is unique. Heading out to work the oysters is a four-and-a-half-mile boat trip. Leases border each other and farmers are close enough to shout out a “hello” or “do you need a hand?” while tending oysters. We explored what would happen if farmers banded together to raise reserve oysters instead competing against each other.  Turns out it is AMAZING!  Farmers share best farming practices and contribute their own unique skills.

Some of us are experienced in the seafood industry, some build boats, some are engineers, marketers or business managers. The group is stronger and more resilient together. Good qualities to have with occasional storms, hurricanes and fresh-water intrusion that oyster farmers always face. French Hermit farmers work together on the water and onshore to deliver a consistent product, more consistently to be responsive to the needs of distributors, restaurant owners, and shuckers.